Do You Need A Book Coach?

Before I dive into the answer to this -very good! - question, here is a piece I wrote about what book coaching is and how it is beneficial to writers. So, does every writer need a book coach then? Some may say 'YES!' because our work helps writers in so many different ways. But I… Continue reading Do You Need A Book Coach?

Sharing Our Voice Is Scary, Isn’t It? 

Let me tell you how scared I was when I started sharing my voice after years of silence and invisibility – and how amazing it felt doing it anyway!  Historically I have struggled with showing up for myself. In all honesty, I only have been able to do so since a year or two when… Continue reading Sharing Our Voice Is Scary, Isn’t It? 

Empower Your Spoonie Self!

If teenage me could see me now, she’d be amazed. Two decades on and I run my own business in which I make a difference to people. I have great friends. Get to experience amazing things. And above all: I life a fulfilling life despite my long list of illnesses and daily symptoms. How I… Continue reading Empower Your Spoonie Self!

A fountain pen writes on a piece of paper.

Why You Are Allowed To Invest in Yourself 

The biggest reason is very obvious: you are worth investing in.  Not always so easy to get on board with though right? We feel we should invest in that new vacuum cleaner. Buy new shoes for the kids. A new phone perhaps, or as a treat to ourselves some chocolates. But invest extensively in a… Continue reading Why You Are Allowed To Invest in Yourself