About Sandra

Sandra Postma, book coach to fantasy and science fiction writers with a chronic or invisible illness

Sandra Postma is a former journalist who switched from fact to fiction after discovering her own stories held the power for change. Now a speculative fiction writer and certified book coach, Sandra founded Your Story Mentor in 2021. In her business as a mindset and story coach, Sandra helps sci-fi and fantasy writers find their voice and help them develop their story ideas into novels, with a specific interest in helping those with chronic illnesses.

As a woman with multiple chronic illnesses herself (amongst them ME/CFS, Graves’ disease and chronic migraines), she knows what it is like to feel invisible to society and misunderstood by many. Making her writers feel seen and making them realize how important their individual voices and stories are has become her main goal in her work.

As founder of the Spoonie Writers Club on Instagram she is particularly committed to creating a safe space and community for writers with an illness or disability to come together and find their voice, write and thrive.

Because all our stories matter!

Sandra is a talented and attentive mentor who knows how to put writers at their ease, and fosters a safe environment where even the most fragile writing stages are nurtured and encouraged into growth. I had a wonderful time working with her.

Clio Velentza, author of “The Piano Room” (Fairlight Books, 2021)