It’s Time To Write Your Book!

To you, who knows what it’s like to not feel represented in the world of story and art, to all women and spoonies, to everyone in the LGBTQI community, to those of you who have had flee your homelands: your stories deserve to be heard, need to be heard and want to be read. I want you to pick up your pen and tell your story. It’s time for the world to hear your voice. It’s time for you to make your impact. But you don’t have to go about this alone: let me – Sandra, ook coach – guide you as you write your book!

People Want To Read Your Story!

To those of us whose voices have gone unheard for a long time it’s often unimaginable that anyone would want to hear it now. When in the stories we read as a child no one looked like us, we don’t think we have a place in storytelling. But our stories deserve to be heard and your book deserves to be written. And I would love to help you write the book you want to write and the book other people want and need to read.

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Tell the Story You Want to Tell

Whether your fictional story is based on your real one, whether your story’s protagonist has an experience like yours or whether you want to tell a separate tale altogether: I would love to help amplify your voice in the world as a writer and as a human being from a silenced or marginalised group, whatever your story is about.

Have Someone in Your Corner As You Write

Find out how a writer can benefit from working with a book coach.

Meet Sandra!

Hi! I’m Sandra, she/her! I’m a book coach who strives for more inclusion in storytelling and helps people from marginalized groups write books.

Ook in het Nederlands!

Schrijf jij in het Nederlands? Als Nederlander coach ik jou graag bij het schrijven van jouw boek!

What Clients Say

“Sandra has the perfect skill set for a creative writing coach. She has extensive knowledge and a background to know what she’s talking about, as a writer and a reader.”

Lisa Zaman
writer/artist and Your Story Mentor client

From Story Idea to Full Manuscript

I offer coaching for many book writing stages. Do you only have a vague story idea that you want to flesh out? Do you have a first draft you would like general feedback on? Or do you have a full manuscript? Check out my coaching services and find a package that fits your current writing situation best!

Exclusive Offer For Spoonies

A Spoonie Discount!

Are you chronically ill and unable to write as often as you would like while also living on a small budget? I offer a special coaching package for you!