Write That Book Waiting In Your Heart

Do you wish to write a fantasy and/or science fiction book?
Do you want to write stories from your heart?
Do you love depicting your inner world or the real world through – any subgenre of – fantasy or science fiction?

Whether you are a complete newbie to writing or a seasoned author, you deserve to tell your story, to have it heard and to be treated with kindness as you tell it.

I, Sandra Postma and founder of Your Story Mentor, offer a safe space for you to write your book.
In my 1:1 coaching of writers I combine my professional knowledge of storytelling with deep compassion and an emphasis on writing skills and confidence building.
Let me help you write the book you have in your heart!
Because stories have the power to change the world.

Your Book Coach

I’m Sandra Postma and I am a book coach. I help writers who (wish to) write from the heart – particularly from traditionally unheard groups – write books.

Your creativity is a vital and vulnerable part of you. This is why I will treat your writing with kindness and encouragement, while providing you with constructive feedback and motivation to make your story one you are proud of.

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My Mission For Your Story Mentor

I strongly believe in the power of storytelling. Therefore my one-on-one book coaching practice is for anyone who is passionate about their fantasy or sci-fi story and feel a deep desire to write it.

Read more about what I find important as your book coach here and for my more on my personal story click here.

Providing A Safe Space To Write

Do you feel like your story doesn’t traditionally have a place in culture? Whether your fictional story is based on your real one, whether your story’s protagonist has an experience like yours or whether you want to tell a different tale altogether: I would love to help amplify your voice in the world as a writer and as someone from a silenced or marginalised group, whatever your story is about. Your Story Mentor provides a safe space for you to tell your story.

What a Your Story Mentor client said:

“Sandra has the perfect skill set for a creative writing coach. She has extensive knowledge and a background to know what she’s talking about, as a writer and a reader.”

Lisa Zaman