Book Coach for the Spoonie Writer

A smiling Sandra with pink glasses, lilac earrings and a purple jumper, half long brown hair.
Sandra Postma,
book & mindset coach to spoonie writers

Are you a science fiction or fantasy writer with a chronic illness or disability and would you love to write a book while being guided by a trained book coach? Are you ready and willing to dive deep into your story idea – whether you have a clear idea already or unsure yet what you want to say – and create a foundation for your novel that keeps you writing to the finish line?

Afraid your health situation stands in the way of writing? Already having difficulty writing your novel due to symptoms, but could you benefit from the help of a writing coach who is also a fellow spoonie?

Or do you already have a manuscript and would you like deeply personalised feedback from a book coach that will encourage you to make it even better instead of stop you from ever picking up a pen again?

Then let me help you write your book!

Hi! I’m Sandra Postma (she/her)! I am a speculative fiction writer and a certified book coach. I have also been a spoonie for over two decades.

As a book coach who focuses on mindset as well as story, I help people like you, who struggle with writing their novel while dealing with their illness or disability.

I founded Your Story Mentor in 2021 and subsequently trained with Author Accelerator to become a certified book coach. I received my official certification in early 2022. Ever since, I have been helping people develop their speculative fiction stories, change their mindset around being a spoonie writer and make their good manuscript great!

Interested in working with a book coach? I offer different one-on-one programs for you to apply to!

1:1 Blueprint: From Story Idea To Novel Foundation

Personalised Manuscript Feedback

A smiling Sandra looking away from the camera with pink glasses, lilac earrings and a purple jumper, half long brown hair.
Sandra Postma
book coach, writer & spoonie

As a spoonie, I specialise in helping writers with chronic illness navigate the complicated emotions and thoughts that come with our conditions while writing. Being part of the spoonie community, I know the specific struggles and extra challenges that come with combining a wish to write with your personal health situation. Having someone there with you to carry the story load might be just the thing you need to write.

Just as my personal spoons are limited, so are spots to work with me, so if you see ‘waiting list’ somewhere, contact me to ask when the next spot will likely open up for you!

Does having an empathetic professional and a fellow spoonie in your corner who helps you as you develop, write or revise your book speak to you?

Then check my 1:1 services or my manuscript feedback service and tell me about you and your story (idea)!

Or read more about me and my story here!

I am the right book coach for you if…

  • …you feel a little (or a lot!) insecure about your writing
  • …you lack the confidence to talk about or share your ideas
  • …you even struggle to call yourself a writer
  • …you want to dive further into your story idea and really find the heart of it
  • …your values and beliefs are important to you
  • …you are part of the LGBTQIA community, or are an active ally
  • …you believe that Black lives matter
  • …you are a spoonie and struggle with mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression
  • …you are invested in your story and in wanting to be a better writer
  • …you value kindness, empathy and honesty

I know the feeling of not seeing yourself in the culture and art you consume. It feels as if your story doesn’t matter.

It also shows us the immense power storytelling can have when such voices do get to tell their stories.

I see the impact it has on people’s confidence to be able to tell their story in a safe setting. In turn their stories have a direct impact on others.

All our voices deserve to be heard. We all deserve to feel seen. YOUR novel deserves a place in the world too!

Do you want to write your novel? Email me and tell me what you need to write it or check my 1:1 or feedback services!

BLUEPRINT: From Story Idea To Novel Foundation
Whether you are still developing your idea or already in the writing trenches, I offer coaching for every step of the process.

MANUSCRIPT FEEDBACK: personal attention and feedback
Do you need 1:1 help with pinpointing where you can strengthen your full, final manuscript? Are you not getting the responses from agents or publishers you were hoping for? See a problem but don’t know how to fix it? Then in-depth feedback from me as a professional book coach might be exactly what you need in order to make your story even stronger than it is!

“I cannot thank Sandra enough for her thorough and thoughtful evaluation of my manuscript. Her balance of honest praise and compassionate critique helped me see what I was doing well and what needed attention. She provided clear steps on how to move forward with my final revision. Her feedback on my query letter and synopsis was incredibly insightful. I was blown away at her dedication and the quality of research she did for my agent pitch package. I cannot recommend her coaching services enough.”

Stacy Frazer
YA fantasy author and book coach

Sandra is a talented and attentive mentor who knows how to put writers at their ease, and fosters a safe environment where even the most fragile writing stages are nurtured and encouraged into growth. I had a wonderful time working with her.

Clio Velentza
Author of “The Piano Room” (Fairlight Books, 2021)