Are you a spoonie or part of the LGBTQIA+ community and do you have an idea for a novel but are you struggling to write it?

I can help you!

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Hi! I’m Sandra (she/her) and I’m a book coach.

I help people like you, who struggle with writing because you feel blocked for whatever reason, get unstuck.

And I do so with a huge dose of kindness and empathy gained through life experiences combined with my expertise and knowledge of storytelling and the craft of writing.

As your book coach, I help you discover the story you truly want to tell, help you write it and help you share your unique voice with the world.

Through our work together you will explore who you are as a writer, what matters to you in your life and in your writing, where you find your joy and fulfilment, and most importantly: you will find the heart of your story so that by the end of our work together you will feel ready to (continue to) write your story with confidence and a sense of purpose!

Does this speak to you?

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I am the right book coach for you if…

  • …you feel a little (or a lot!) insecure about your writing
  • …you lack the confidence to talk about or share your ideas
  • …you even struggle to call yourself a writer
  • …you want to dive further into your story idea and really find the heart of it
  • …your values and beliefs are important to you
  • …you are part of the LGBTQIA community, or are an active ally
  • …you are a spoonie or struggle with mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression
  • …you are invested in your story and ready to invest in yourself too – or at least desperate to wanting that be the case!
  • …you value kindness, empathy and honesty

I know the feeling of not seeing yourself in the culture and art you consume. It feels as if your story doesn’t matter.

It also shows us the immense power storytelling can have when such voices do get to tell their stories.

I see the impact it has on people’s confidence to be able to tell their story in a safe setting. In turn their stories have a direct impact on our society.

All our voices deserve to be heard. We all deserve to feel seen. YOUR novel deserves a place in the world too!

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Sandra is a talented and attentive mentor who knows how to put writers at their ease, and fosters a safe environment where even the most fragile writing stages are nurtured and encouraged into growth. I had a wonderful time working with her.”

Clio Velentza, author of “The Piano Room” (Fairlight Books, 2021)

“I cannot thank Sandra enough for her thorough and thoughtful evaluation of my manuscript. Her balance of honest praise and compassionate critique helped me see what I was doing well and what needed attention. She provided clear steps on how to move forward with my final revision. Her feedback on my query letter and synopsis was incredibly insightful. I was blown away at her dedication and the quality of research she did for my agent pitch package. I cannot recommend her coaching services enough.”

Stacy Frazer, YA fantasy author and book coach