A fountain pen writes on a piece of paper.

Why You Are Allowed To Invest in Yourself 

The biggest reason is very obvious: you are worth investing in. 

Not always so easy to get on board with though right? We feel we should invest in that new vacuum cleaner. Buy new shoes for the kids. A new phone perhaps, or as a treat to ourselves some chocolates. But invest extensively in a ‘hobby’? Life is expensive at the moment and there are more important things to spend money on.

Let me ask you a question though. Have you bought books on writing? Ever attended a writing conference? Subscribed to a writing course online? See! You’ve already been investing in yourself as a writer! 

Yet hiring a coach seems extravagant. I get it (boy, trust me, I get it!). Because a book is a tenner or two. A conference can be about meeting people and connecting. It’s a trip. A course is often lowly priced and very much to be done when you have a free hour. 

Investing in a coach though? What are you, a professional?!

A Book Coach Is The Best Investment For Writers

I’m repeating here what I came up against in my own mind before I became I became a book coach and got the experience of working with one. I felt all these things, and more.

A fountain pen writes on a piece of paper.
Invest in yourself! You are worth it!

Because investing in a book coach – hiring one for yourself – feels like an indulgence. Writing is a solitary endeavour, isn’t it? 

It can be. But the crux here is: it doesn’t have to be

Writing on our own is hard. Mental struggles and story issues appear all the time throughout the writing process. As a writer we feel we are meant to solve these on our own, or discuss with writer friends, but even then, it’s just you.  

Relatable? Yeah. This was me two years ago too. 

But now the me from today will have a word with the me from two years-ago. And a word with you, dear reader and writer, if you have felt all this too.  

Here goes: a book coach is the best investment you can think of as a writer.

Yes I know, I am one and I could benefit from saying that, but I am also a writer and I can safely say I would not be writing the story I am writing right now without my own book coach (like therapists have their own therapists, so do book coaches have book coaches).

I would not be writing the story I have been meaning to write for years but was too scared of. Not the story that lay waiting in my heart. Not the story set in the world it is set in now. Not the main character who it is now. Not the book it was always supposed to be.

My book coach guided me safely but professionally through the labyrinth of my creative soul and extracted – within and outside our sessions and through her exercises – the story that I was always meant to write, but could never ever have found on my own. 

But aside from finding the story I truly wanted to write, she also guided me in making me write a good story, not just my story. Because I want readers to like what they are reading and to connect with it. She made sure this story does.  

On top of all that though, the feeling of being taken seriously by a book coaching professional, by being believed in as a writer and cheered on, is what makes a book coach such a powerful investment. It’s not just an investment in a story. It’s an investment in ourselves, in our joy, in our writing skills, in our heart and soul, in our creativity. In our future.

It’s an investment that enriches a writer’s life. A human being’s life.

No matter what anyone has told us, whether an individual or society as a whole, we are worth of investing in. Time, energy and, yes, money.

So find that perfect book coach for you and your story. Find the story you want to tell. Get support for every step of the way and write the book of your dreams!

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