Book Coach For Sci-Fi & Fantasy Writers With A Chronic Illness

My 1:1 Writing Programmes

Would you love to write a speculative fiction (fantasy/sci-fi) book? Are you ready and willing to dive deep into your story idea – whether you have a clear idea already or unsure yet what you want to say – and create a foundation for your novel that keeps you writing to the finish line?

Then my writing program is for you!

As my client, you will…

  • Dive deep into your story idea by doing a set of Blueprint exercises adapted from Jennie Nash’s amazing Blueprint for a Book-method, in which I am trained and certified
  • Get to know your story on deep internal and external level
  • Gain a thorough understanding of your characters and how they will act and why in your novel
  • Create a strong story logic
  • Find out exactly why this story matters to you, which will keep you motivated amid the inescapable struggles to finish your manuscript!

As your book coach, I…

  • Meet you where you are in your writing journey
  • Provide a safe environment to talk about your creative ideas and any personal experiences they may be based on
  • Know what makes a story great and aim to help you write a great story too
  • Work with plotters and with pantsers who don’t mind going deep into their story before they start writing it
  • Focus on your writing mindset, as being a writer myself I understand all the struggles that come with it
  • Believe in you and your story, and cheer you on in this amazing, but sometimes challenging writing life!

Do you happen to have a chronic illness? Me too! This means that I…

  • Understand your daily struggles and always keep those at the forefront of our working together
  • Not only focus on your writing mindset, but also on your spoonie writer mindset, as writing with an illness comes with a whole other set of extra challenges
  • Feel safe with you too, knowing you will also understand my spoonie life

Is this you? Then I want to work with you! I want to coach you as the wonderful writer and person that you are and help you build that ultimate foundation for your story!

Read on for the details!

Or book your free call with me now to see if we’re a match!

BLUEPRINT: From Story Idea To Novel Foundation

Do you want to build a solid foundation before you start writing your story? Or perhaps you are unsure about your story idea? Struggling to start writing? Wondering what it is that you really want to say with your story?

Would you like a professional book coach to help you develop your story idea? Then this 1:1 story development package is for you!

WHAT YOU GET: During our 3 or 6 months together I will help you explore your own wishes and hopes for your writing and your story, and discover what story you exactly want to tell, and how. Through a series of exercises we build your story’s foundation.

Whether you simply ‘want to write something meaningful’ or already have a story idea that needs exploring further, this personally tailored package is for you!


  • Personal coaching tailored to your situation
  • Intro video call to talk about you, your writing hopes, goals, strengths and struggles, and about your story idea
  • Biweekly deadlines (or longer, depending on your situation) of exercises where you explore your own writing and book idea based on Jennie Nash’s Blueprint for a Book, in which I am trained and certified
  • Biweekly (or longer and if possible) in-depth video calls about the exercises, feedback and your wishes, goals and next steps in your writing journey
  • Option to be repeated for another 3 or 6 months until you are ready to start writing!

By the end you will have:

  • A story outline, whether consisting of the basic elements or a full foundation for a novel, depending on where you are when we first meet
  • Clarity on who you are as a writer and what your hopes and wishes are for your writing journey
  • Confidence in your story idea and feel that your voice and your story are important no matter your background and situation
  • Clear next steps in your writing journey

Your investment (incl. VAT) from 1 January 2023: 3 or 6 monthly payments of €635 (non-negotiable / exchange rate applies)

Spots currently open: Waiting list

Interested in this programme and want to be added to my waiting list? Book a free call with me now!

DRAFTING: from story outline to finished manuscript

As spoonies, we don’t get to decide when our battery is full or when we are in possession of spoons. This can make being coached live rather stressful, because you are never sure if you are able to meet at the organised time – and as a fellow spoonie the same counts for me!

So what if you are a spoonie and still want to write your fantasy or sci-fi story with my support after you have gone through my Novel Foundation programme?

I created a drafting programme exactly for you! So you don’t have to worry that you are without support once you start on your first draft!

In this mentorship program – which is the follow-up to my development programme – you get access to my coaching throughout the working week, between 9AM and 5PM CET. We communicate through Voxer, a free app (also now available through your browser) in which we can share text messages, voice recordings and even videos.

Feeling discouraged? Have a story problem? Hesitant about where your plot is going? Need to brainstorm about a character? About your opening and closing scenes? Feel frustrated because your symptoms are getting in the way of your writing? Feeling sad because others can write whenever they want and you have to wait for new spoons to appear in your drawer?

As a certified book coach and story expert, I’m here to help, support and coach you through all these writing and spoonie struggles! You reach out to me when an issue arises for you and with my two decades of life as a spoonie and my training as a book coach I help you cope with all of these feelings and struggles.

You will write at your own pace without having to worry about deadlines (unless you want them!) or scheduled meetings (unless you want one!). Your pace is your pace! No pressure, no extra stress. I’ll simply be there to coach you when you need me! And I will check in with you inbetween regularly to see how things are going for you in your writing journey.

Mindset Coaching

A smiling Sandra with pink glasses, lilac earrings and a purple jumper, half long brown hair.
Sandra Postma
book coach, writer & spoonie

What you can expect:

  • Someone who is fully in your corner as you write
  • A sounding board about the writing life as a spoonie
  • Being kept on track 
  • Deep support in your writing journey by a certified book coach and expert fellow spoonie of 20+ years for…
    • Motivational issues 
    • Writer’s block 
    • Doubt and insecurities 
    • Times when symptoms keep you from doing any writing and you feel frustrated
    • When ‘writing rules’ keep you from feeling like a writer 

Through this program you will get to…

  • Embrace your identity as a writer 
  • Feel so much more confident as a spoonie 
  • Gain the tools to battle motivational issues and writer’s block

Story Coaching

As a trained book coach I help you write your story. You will get: 

  • Someone to stand by you during your writing journey who fully understands the story you want to write and helps you stay on course
  • Being a sounding board for your ideas so you get a good sense of what works – and what doesn’t
  • Getting you unstuck by offering new insights into yourself and your story
  • Helping you plot your story 
  • Keeping you on track 

Through working with me you will: 

  • Feel more confident about your storytelling skills 
  • Understand how ‘story’ works 
  • Know how to plot 
  • Feel more confident about your own story  
  • Have the writing tools to battle writer’s block 

Important note: as we are both spoonies, we never expect, let alone demand, instant replies, because we understand that we both have our illnesses to contend with and that they are fickle. However, I as your mentor will respond as soon as I am able to, which – bad flares and pre-determined days off aside – will be within 24hrs during the workweek, but often quicker than that.

Investment (includes VAT): €875 per month for 6 consecutive months (non-negotiable / exchange rates apply) – can be extended by another 3 or 6 months. (However, note that the fee may have risen in the meantime.)

Note: this program is not for editing or proofreading purposes, so I do not offer support for grammar or spelling, or read along while you draft except where relevant to a story problem you may have.
Also know that every decision about your book is yours; I shall merely teach storytelling and suggest ideas for yours, like the coach of an athlete prepares his athletes for a race, but doesn’t race themselves!

What I don’t offer:

  • Teaching basic writing skills, such as formatting, grammar, tense, point of view, etc.
  • Editorial services, such as formatting and spelling and grammar checks.
  • Pitching packages.
  • Any kind of promise of agent or publishing deals. My coaching is focused on personal growth as a writer; not on getting published per sé – though it would be a wonderful outcome!