Do You Need A Book Coach?

Before I dive into the answer to this -very good! - question, here is a piece I wrote about what book coaching is and how it is beneficial to writers. So, does every writer need a book coach then? Some may say 'YES!' because our work helps writers in so many different ways. But I… Continue reading Do You Need A Book Coach?

Why We Must Unsilence Our Voices

I believe stories change the world, because stories have the ability to have a major impact on their readers. Reading about experiences outside of yourself creates empathy and understanding for situations you were not familiar with before. Reading about your own lived experience makes you feel seen and understood. This in turn helps you gain… Continue reading Why We Must Unsilence Our Voices

What Is A Book Coach and Why Would I Need One?

Book coach. A relatively new occupation that is gaining traction, but is still a new concept to many. Have you been wondering what a book coach is and does, or are you completely new to the term? Then read on! The need for book coaches has grown out of a changing publishing market and consequently… Continue reading What Is A Book Coach and Why Would I Need One?

The Innate Power of Storytelling

The world is in pain. Natural disasters. Wars. Cost of living crises. The queer community denied more and more rights. Covid still wreaking havoc. It seems endless, even increasing. Thankfully we have stories. Whether it is TV, film, books, podcasts or games you dive into, they are all stories we turn to in times of… Continue reading The Innate Power of Storytelling

Empower Your Spoonie Self!

If teenage me could see me now, she’d be amazed. Two decades on and I run my own business in which I make a difference to people. I have great friends. Get to experience amazing things. And above all: I life a fulfilling life despite my long list of illnesses and daily symptoms. How I… Continue reading Empower Your Spoonie Self!

A fountain pen writes on a piece of paper.

Why You Are Allowed To Invest in Yourself 

The biggest reason is very obvious: you are worth investing in.  Not always so easy to get on board with though right? We feel we should invest in that new vacuum cleaner. Buy new shoes for the kids. A new phone perhaps, or as a treat to ourselves some chocolates. But invest extensively in a… Continue reading Why You Are Allowed To Invest in Yourself 

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‘From Bedbound to Book Coach’

Watch an interview with me by Author Accelerator’s CEO and book coach extraordinaire Jennie Nash in which we talk about my journey from being completely bedbound with illness to my certification as a book coach while still having multiple chronic illnesses. It was wonderful to be able to share my journey from being bedbound to… Continue reading ‘From Bedbound to Book Coach’

A Plea to Make Room for Chronic Illness Stories in Popular Culture

“In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” — Maya Angelou I never saw myself reflected on TV or in books. A chubby small-town girl who liked to read and write didn’t really get much airtime on TV. Still doesn’t. Not to mention if that girl develops a chronic illness. And then another. And… Continue reading A Plea to Make Room for Chronic Illness Stories in Popular Culture