What Is A Book Coach and Why Would I Need One?

Book coach. A relatively new occupation that is gaining traction, but is still a new concept to many. Have you been wondering what a book coach is and does, or are you completely new to the term? Then read on! The need for book coaches has grown out of a changing publishing market and consequently… Continue reading What Is A Book Coach and Why Would I Need One?

A Brief (Her)Story of Me

As I continue on my journey as a book and spoonielife coach, I feel that for you to be able to trust me with your stories, you need to know I trust you with mine. Each of us consists of thousands of different stories, millions. Today I tell you about the one that has shaped… Continue reading A Brief (Her)Story of Me

Empower Your Spoonie Self!

If teenage me could see me now, she’d be amazed. Two decades on and I run my own business in which I make a difference to people. I have great friends. Get to experience amazing things. And above all: I life a fulfilling life despite my long list of illnesses and daily symptoms. How I… Continue reading Empower Your Spoonie Self!