Why We Must Unsilence Our Voices

I believe stories change the world, because stories have the ability to have a major impact on their readers. Reading about experiences outside of yourself creates empathy and understanding for situations you were not familiar with before. Reading about your own lived experience makes you feel seen and understood. This in turn helps you gain… Continue reading Why We Must Unsilence Our Voices

How Speculative Fiction Changes The World

The importance of speculative fiction in our ever evolving world is immense. From fantasy to science fiction and every subgenre that they entail, speculative fiction is both escapism from our hard daily lives and at the same time a confrontation with our current society. It makes the genre an exciting and ever-changing entity that I… Continue reading How Speculative Fiction Changes The World

A Brief (Her)Story of Me

As I continue on my journey as a book and spoonielife coach, I feel that for you to be able to trust me with your stories, you need to know I trust you with mine. Each of us consists of thousands of different stories, millions. Today I tell you about the one that has shaped… Continue reading A Brief (Her)Story of Me

A thirty something year old women with long, dark hair, wearing black glasses, black and white earrings and a green turtleneck jumper. She is smiling.

‘From Bedbound to Book Coach’

Watch an interview with me by Author Accelerator’s CEO and book coach extraordinaire Jennie Nash in which we talk about my journey from being completely bedbound with illness to my certification as a book coach while still having multiple chronic illnesses. It was wonderful to be able to share my journey from being bedbound to… Continue reading ‘From Bedbound to Book Coach’

Write and Change The World: We Need You To!

The world is in pain. There are wars. Our queer community is denied their rights. Climate disasters are happening across the globe. Covid still lingers. Human-induced tragedy seems ongoing and unstoppable at the moment and each of us suffers from it in varying degrees. Thankfully we have stories. Whether it is TV, film, books, podcasts… Continue reading Write and Change The World: We Need You To!