What Is Book Coaching?

As a writer, have you ever had any of the following thoughts:

”I’d like to write a fantasy story, but I don’t know what about.”
”I’d like to write a sci-fi story, but I have no idea how.”
”I’d like to write that speculative fiction book I’ve been thinking about for years, but I don’t think I’m good enough.”
”I can feel my story idea for a space opera has a problem, but I don’t know what it is, let alone how to fix it.”
”I wish I had someone in my corner while working on my book.”
“My writing is trash!”

Odds are you are here because you have had at least one of those thoughts. And it is exactly those thoughts and issues a book coach can help you with!

Writing a book is hard, yet it’s something you’re expected to do alone. Well, no more! Just like athletes have coaches, writers should not hesitate to have coaches of their own.

Book coaches have in many ways taken over the role editors used to play, except we can come in from the very early stages of writing to the very end. Whenever we end up meeting our writers, we coach you through the process of outlining and writing your story.

Book coaching, or creative writing coaching, involves working with a writer and guiding them through their writing journey.

Book coaches can help you as a writer in various ways:

• By meeting you wherever you are in your writing journey and coaching you through the entire process of writing a story.

• By helping you lay the foundation of your story. (This is one of my superpowers together with manuscript feedback!)

• By being invested in your story project and your writing journey and by always being in your corner.

• By providing feedback on your story and all its elements, such as plot, characters and tone.

• By giving you assignments and exercises to get a better understanding of your own story and its structure.

• By setting deadlines.

• By helping you remain motivated and build your confidence as a writer.

Each book coach is different. There are coaches who focus on non-fiction, others focus on book proposals and querying agents and publishers. Some coach writers for specific genres such as fantasy or romance and others help a writer figure out their entire outline. As you can see elselwhere on this site I focus on fantasy and sci-fi writers and help them develop their story idea or give them personalised feedback on their manuscript.

But there is one thing each book coach has in common: we are there for the writer. From story idea to deadline, from structure issues to writer’s block. From motivational issues to confidence. A book coach helps you with whatever you need.

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I cannot thank Sandra enough for her thorough and thoughtful evaluation of my manuscript. Her balance of honest praise and compassionate critique helped me see what I was doing well and what needed attention. She provided clear steps on how to move forward with my final revision. Her feedback on my query letter and synopsis was incredibly insightful. I was blown away at her dedication and the quality of research she did for my agent pitch package. I cannot recommend her coaching services enough.”

Stacy Frazer, YA fantasy author and book coach