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Hi! I’m Sandra, she/her, and I am a Author Accelerator certified book coach. I help people who want to write a book develop their idea and write it with confidence.

My book coaching revolves around several principles that are hugely important to me. I believe that…

stories change the world

people whose voices have gone unheard for so long deserve to finally be heard and seen                     

empathy is key to telling stories, as a writer and as a coach to writers

the craft of writing is key to telling your story the best way you can and to reaching the biggest audience possible

your voice matters!

Yes, your voice!

Whether you are a seasoned writer or a person who is afraid to call themselves a writer because they ‘only dabble’, your voice deserves to be heard.

And I’d love to help you share it.

Because I believe that through sharing stories with one another we can change the world. Storytelling creates empathy, connection and understanding. Through storytelling we feel seen and we see another. To me, there is nothing more important than that as a human being.

Therefore, it is important to me that my coaching is a safe space for people whose voices have been silenced for so long.

Being a woman, chronically ill for twenty years and bi, I know the feeling of not seeing yourself in the culture and art you consume. It’s rather heartbreaking. It makes you feel like your story doesn’t matter.

It also exemplifies the immense power storytelling can have when marginalized voices do get to tell their stories, as thankfully happens more and more.

Therefore, I love working with writers who want to find and amplify their so often unheard voice. Through being able to tell their story in a safe setting I see the impact it has on them and their confidence – and in turn on our society.

But any writer who wants to find their voice, wants to feel more confident and wants to find the heart of their story is welcome to work with me. I want to help you write the best story you possibly can and that starts by finding out exactly why the story you want to write matters to you.

Diving deep into this part of your book idea – and ultimately yourself – isn’t always easy. But it is such beautiful work. You find out who are you as a writer right now and who you want to become. I will help you bridge that gap and help you shape the story you are so desperate, but possibly too scared, to write.

As your book coach with degrees in English and journalism and with a ton of life experience (you can read more about that in my blog post A Brief (Hi)Story of Me), I want to help you become the best storyteller you can be and coach you from a place of deep empathy and kindness.

So do you want to write your book, but are you struggling and is this story in your heart not yet coming out as you’d hoped?

Then please, book a call with me and tell me about yourself, your story and your struggles. I would love to tell you how I can help you write that story.

I hope to see you soon!

x Sandra

P.S. Do you not yet feel up to being coached? No problem! You can sign up to my free support and still get general coaching from me each week!

Sandra is a talented and attentive mentor who knows how to put writers at their ease, and fosters a safe environment where even the most fragile writing stages are nurtured and encouraged into growth. I had a wonderful time working with her.

Clio Velentza, author of “The Piano Room” (Fairlight Books, 2021)