Meet Your Mentor

Sandra Postma, founder of Your Story Mentor

Hi! I’m Sandra, she/her, and I am a book coach, currently training with Author Accelerator. I would love to help you write your fantasy or science fiction book!

I’ve always made sense of the world through fantasy and sci-fi. Where many see these genres as escapist I see them as a reflection of ourselves, our own humanity and our world. They are how I have made sense of this strange thing we call life since I was a child, as a creator and consumer. First as a fan of sci-fi and fantasy stories, then as a student of English literature, as a journalist and until recently as a fiction writer and non fiction blogger.

Do you write (a sub genre of) fantasy and/or science fiction? Do you write stories from your heart through those genres? Do you love depicting your inner world or the real world as you see it or how you think it will become through fantasy or science fiction? Then apply to work with me!

As your book coach, I will help you become the best storyteller you can be and coach you from a place of deep empathy and kindness. Writing often makes us feel vulnerable and insecure. I help you deal with those feelings through encouragement and confidence-building while you write the story your heart and soul are urging you to write.

It is important to me that my book coaching is a safe space for marginalised people. Being a woman, chronically ill for twenty years and bi, I know the feeling of not seeing yourself in the culture and art you consume. It’s pretty heartbreaking. It makes you feel like you don’t matter. It also examplifies the immense power storytelling can have when marginalised voices do get to write their stories. Therefore, I love working with writers who want to amplify their so often unheard voices, and through their story make an impact on our society.

Do you feel a desire to write the story you have swirling around deep inside you? Do you want to revise that story you’ve written a while ago? Awesome! Do it! And if you’d like me to coach you as you do so, do get in touch!

To read more about my own personal story check out my blog post A Brief (Hi)Story of Me.

x Sandra

Note for writers wanting to be published: It is important to make crystal clear that having a book coach does not equal any type of certainty when it comes to getting an agent and/or being traditionally published. I coach you as you write your story, but what happens with it is up to you, and a fickle and constantly changing publishing market. Unless of course you want to self-publish! Which I am personally a huge fan of. But those decisions lie completely with you, as the writer.

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