Novel Foundation Programme

Craft A Foundation and Write Your Story

Do you prefer to have a plan before you start writing? Whether a firm one or a loose one, this three-months programme is for you!

  • Do you have a science fiction or fantasy story idea, but are you having trouble setting it or yourself up for the drafting stage?
  • Unsure your idea has what it takes to grow into a full novel?
  • Having trouble identifying a problem with your manuscript?
  • Do you want to build a solid foundation before you start writing your story?
  • Wondering what it is that you really want to say with your story?
  • Or perhaps you are unsure about your story idea?
  • Already writing but struggling to continue or not know where to go?

During our three months together, you will dive into your story idea in order to make your novel as strong and impactful as possible through a set of exercises that will get you as ready as possible for the drafting stage.

What You’ll Get:

– Three months of personalised coaching (for €535 per month) tailored to your needs and writing likes and dislikes (repeatable)
– Biweekly story exercises based on Jennie Nash‘s Blueprint for a Book method in which I am certified through Author Accelerator
– A biweekly live video coaching call (email-only available!)
– Confidence in your story idea
– A firm grasp of your story and a deep understanding of the tale you want to tell
– An outline that suits your style of writing
– Clear steps towards actually writing your book