Boost Your Confidence, Raise Your Voice, and Write Your Book!

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Are you a spoonie or part of the LGBTQIA+ community and feel desperate to write a speculative fiction (fantasy/sci-fi) book?

Have a story idea you want to expand, but have trouble with?

Have doubts? Feel insecure? Unseen? Scared? But excited about your idea or writing and unable to let it go?

Are you ready to invest in yourself as a storyteller and writer, and in your story?

Answered any of these with YES? Then I’d LOVE to help you dig deeper into it and write it!

Check out my services below and let me know if you are ready to dive into your story!


1:1 coaching for 3 months/14 weeks as we access your voice and find the story you want to write.

In those 14 weeks and 7 sessions we will cover and discuss:

  • Your favourite stories
  • Your desire to write and where it comes from
  • Your personal values and interests
  • Your writing goals
  • Your writing struggles and your strengths
  • The story you most want to write (even if you don’t know it yet!)

Book a (free!) intro coaching session with me and see if we are a good match to continue into this package!

Your investment (incl. VAT): €299 per month for 3 months.


1:1 coaching for 3 months/14 weeks as we create a foundation for your book!

Do you have an idea for a book but you can’t figure out how to turn it into a novel?

Have an outline for your novel but is something not working?

Do you have another story or confidence issue that prevents you from writing?

If you answered any of these with YES then this package is for you!

During these three months you will go through my Story Exploration course with me by your side. You’ll get biweekly deadlines and virtual coaching sessions to get to the heart of the story you want to tell.

You will do assignments and exercises that I developed through my training with Author Accelerator and through my experience as a writer and coach that will unearth who you are as a writer, what matters to you in your life and in your writing, where you find your joy and fulfilment and most of all: get you ready to write your story!

By the end of these three months you will have:

  • A clear understanding of yourself as a writer
  • A deeper knowledge of the story you want to tell with your book
  • How your personal story and values impact your book
  • A firm grasp on who your protagonist is and what they want
  • Clarity on the major events that will happen in your story
  • A short outline for your book…
  • …and the confidence to write it!

Plus an understanding that a book is an ever-evolving creative entity that will change and grow as you write it, and things are never set in stone until you send it out into the world!

Book a (free!) intro coaching session with me and see if we are a good match to continue into this package!

Your investment (incl. VAT): €399 per month for 3 months.


Do you want A FULL YEAR of ongoing 1:1 support while you write the speculative fiction novel you outlined in FROM STORY IDEA TO NOVEL OUTLINE? Then this package is for you!


  • Biweekly deadlines with feedback and in-line comments on 10 new and 10 revised pages to get you writing forward while revising a little at the same time so you feel you’re headed in the right direction
  • A monthly 1:1 virtual coaching session about any issues you wish to address or need help with
  • Weekly email support about anything that comes up for you as you write

Your investment: €799 per month (incl VAT) for 12 months.

Are you ready to invest in yourself, in your story and in your writing journey? Then come chat with me!

What I don’t offer:

  • Teaching basic writing skills, such as formatting, grammar, tense, point of view, etc.
  • Editorial services, such as formatting and spelling and grammar checks.
  • Pitching packages.
  • Any kind of promise of agent or publishing deals. My coaching is focused on personal growth as a writer; not on getting published (though it would be a wonderful outcome!).

Sandra has the perfect skill set for a creative writing coach. She has extensive knowledge and a background to know what she’s talking about, as a writer and a reader. A consultation with her made me feel revitalised and wanting to dive back into my story right away.

Lisa Zaman, writer and artist