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Whether you are at the early stages of writing your book or whether you have a finished manuscript, I have coaching packages that will fit your writing situation. Scroll down to see what I as a coach can do for you as a writer!

A Word On Genres

In my coaching I focus primarily on fantasy and science fiction, whether urban fantasy, speculative fiction, epic sci-fi, high fantasy, space opera, contemporary fantasy, or a combination: I love coaching writers of all these subgenres!


Below you find the types of 1:1 coaching packages I currently offer and the prices (all include VAT) attached. Be aware that due to limited availability not all are open all the same time.


Availability: OPEN to new clients

The First Three Chapters Feedback package is useful for anyone who is only just starting to write their book, but also for those who have a finished manuscript, but not the budget for a full manuscript evaluation.

For this package, I write you a one-page editorial letter on your story elements, such as character motivation, plot, language and narrative drive within your first three chapters (max 15,000 words), and give line comments to show you examples of what I mean in my letter.

We as coaches often find the same patterns throughout a story so catching the elements that aren’t working early on will help you tremendously as you write forward (or revise).

My coaching schedule permitting, you can add the book coaching package below afterwards.

Flat rate of €259 / $299 / £222 – to be paid upon receiving of manuscript.


Availability: OPEN to new clients

Have you finished your manuscript, but feel that it’s not working? Are you getting rejections, but you’re not sure why? If you are prepared to rework your manuscript, you can choose this package! I will give you my honest feedback on your full manuscript, at any stage of revision, but be prepared for some truths that may be hard to hear!

Includes: three-to-five page editorial feedback on your manuscript’s story elements, such as story, plot, characters, dialogue, description, tone, language and theme, and line feedback on the first three chapters (max. 15,000 words). We can have a video chat about your next steps if you like, at no additional cost!

Prices are flat rates to be paid upon receiving of manuscript.

Note: feedback on a short story will take me up to two weeks to return to you, whereas a novel-length manuscript usually takes a month, with the exception of +100k stories.

Word count up to 45,000 words: €599 / $799 / £619
Between 45,000-75,000 words: €1199 / $1355 / £1025
Between 75,000-120,000 words: €1799 / $2199 / £1649
Between 120,000-150,000 words: €2279 / $2249 / £2049


Availability: OPEN to new clients.

This 6 month package is for any writer, wherever you are in the writing process. Whether you’re just starting on your journey of writing your book or almost finished, a longer period of coaching will provide you not only with writing advice, but also with emotional support. Because writing is hard and writing a book even harder. This is why having a coach like me in your corner throughout the process can make a world of difference.

We set your writing goal for your book and I guide you to get there by helping you strengthen your story idea, your characters, plot, narrative drive, dialogue and other story elements that come into play when writing a book, while also offering you emotional writing support and helping you gain the confidence you need to write your story.

Are you unsure whether we are a good fit? Not to worry! I will ask you to do an intake form first followed by a video call (or email exchange if that’s what you prefer) to see if we seem a good writer-coach match. Only if we both feel we could do great work together do we move forward!

Includes: biweekly deadlines, monthly video chats, weekly emails and sending me max 20 pages/5,000 words (revised or new) for every chat or deadline.

Note: Would you like to continue being coached by me after the 6 months? My schedule permitting you can purchase this package again!

€1199 per month for three consecutive months or €3199 in one at the beginning
$1299 / $3699
£949 / £2699

Note for writers wanting to be published: It is important to make crystal clear that having a book coach does not equal any type of certainty when it comes to getting an agent and/or being traditionally published. I coach you as you write your story, but what happens with it is up to you, and a fickle and constantly changing publishing market. Unless of course you want to self-publish! Which I am personally a huge fan of. But those decisions lie completely with you, as the writer.

“A consultation with Sandra made me feel revitalised and wanting to dive back into my story.”

Lisa Zaman
writer/artist and Your Story Mentor client

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