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Would you love to write a speculative fiction (fantasy/sci-fi) book?

Do you have a story idea you want to expand, but have trouble with? Or do you have doubts? Feel insecure? Unseen? Scared? Unsure what exactly you want to say with your book, but excited about your idea or manuscript and unable to let it go?

Would you like a 1:1 coaching program set in an environment where you feel safe to discuss ideas and the personal experiences they might be based on, where your mental and physical illness are always taken into account and your coach understands the extra challenges you may face on a daily basis and in your writing?

Are you ready to invest in your journey as a storyteller and writer, and in your story?

Answered any or all with YES? Then check out my services below and email me if you are ready to dive into your story with me!

Choose from the following packages and scroll down for more details:
START YOUR STORY: from story idea to novel outline
WRITE YOUR STORY: from first draft to novel
YOUR STORY MENTOR’S FEEDBACK: for the writer who’d like a professional opinion on their work, but with added personal attention

START YOUR STORY: from story idea to novel outline

Are you unsure about your story idea? Struggling to start writing? Wondering what it is that you really want to say with your story? Then this 1:1 story mentoring package is for you!

WHAT YOU GET: During our 6 months together I will help you explore your own wishes and hopes for your writing and your story and discover what story you exactly want to tell, and how.

Whether you simply ‘want to write something’ or already have a story idea that needs exploring further, this personally tailored package is for you!


  • Personal coaching tailored to your situation
  • Intro video call to talk about you, your writing hopes, goals, strengths and struggles, and about your story idea, if you have one
  • Biweekly deadlines (or longer, depending on your situation) of exercises where you explore your own writing and book idea
  • Biweekly (or longer and if possible) in-depth video calls about the exercises, feedback and your wishes, goals and next steps in your writing journey
  • Option to be repeated for another 6 months until you are ready to start writing!

By the end you will have:

  • Clarity on who you are as a writer and what your hopes and wishes are for your writing
  • Confidence in your story idea and feel that your voice and your story are important no matter your background and situation
  • A story idea, whether the initial elements or a full foundation for a novel, dependent on where you are when we first meet
  • Clear next steps in your writing journey

Your investment (incl. VAT): 6 monthly payments of €279 (non-negotiable) / exchange rate.

Spots currently open: 1

Email me if you’re interested in this package!


From outline to novel: whether you are ready to start on a first draft or doing revision* this 6 month package is for you if you want 1:1 support from a writing professional who understands you, your situation, your story and your strengths and struggles as you write.

*Revision/rewriting work for this package requires for us to do the FEEDBACK package first, see below! I highly recommend doing the START YOUR STORY package (see above) first if you start with your first draft.


  • Personal attention and discussing ideas in a safe an encouraging environment
  • Biweekly (or longer) in-depth in-line comments and general written feedback on 20 pages (10 new, 10 revised pages)
  • Biweekly (or longer and if possible) in-depth video calls about your story, the feedback and your your wishes, goals and next steps for it
  • Weekly e-mail support

Plus an understanding from you that a book is an ever-evolving creative entity that will change and grow as you write it, and things are never set in stone until you send it out into the world!

Your investment (incl. VAT): 6 monthly payments of €429 (non-negotiable) / exchange rate.

Spots currently open: 1

Email me if you are interested in this package!


Do you need 1:1 help with pinpointing where you can strengthen your full, final manuscript? Are you not getting the responses from agents or publishers you were hoping for? See a problem but don’t know how to fix it? Then in-depth feedback from me as a professional book coach might be exactly what you need in order to make your story even stronger than it is!

WHAT YOU GET: Personal in-depth feedback on your story detailing what works well already and what needs further revision.

Be warned: in-depth means I will go deep into how you can improve your story. Hearing that elements need to be improved will sting, there is no way around that! So be prepared for that, but in the knowledge that I come from a place of kindness and that I give my feedback because I want you to write the best story you possibly can!

Note: I strongly advise you continue with the Write Your Story package (see above) for in-depth support as you revise, because receiving feedback can be overwhelming and make you feel blocked to return and revise your manuscript. To ensure that doesn’t happen, it would be a great idea if you did the one-time feedback package and then moved into the Write Your Story package (again, see above).


  • Intro call to talk about your story, your goals for it and where in particular you need me to pay attention to. We will also talk about how feedback might land for different people.
  • Overall in-depth summary – at least 5 page, depending on your personal wishes – feedback on your manuscript (The return of the feedback depends on the story’s word count. From 4-8 weeks.)
  • In-line comments on the first chapter/first 25 pages
  • Subsequent video call about the feedback, how you feel about it and next steps for you to take
  • Follow-up call a month on to see where you are and how you feel about the feedback and your story

What you get from me:

  • Personal attention: you won’t simply get a document back with feedback. I treat your manuscript as a product of you the writer and therefore we will talk about your hopes and wishes for your manuscript before I dive in. Afterwards we will again meet virtually to talk about my feedback, how it landed for you, clear up any confusion and make sure you know what steps to take next to make your story as incredible as it can possibly be
  • Clarity on what is working well in your story and what needs further attention
  • Clear next steps to make your story even better

Your one-time investment depends on the word count of your full manuscript (exchange rates apply):

  • -100k: €499
  • 100k-150k: €535
  • *150K-175k: €625
  • *175k-200k: €745
  • *For a higher word count contact me for an exact estimate.

*Any manuscripts above 150k are probably better suited as multiple books in a series or will require fierce revision to decide what you truly want to convey in your book. Do contact me too if you struggle with this!

Spots currently open: 1

Email me if you are interested in this package!

Are you ready to invest in yourself, in your story and in your writing journey? Then come chat with me!

What I don’t offer:

  • Teaching basic writing skills, such as formatting, grammar, tense, point of view, etc.
  • Editorial services, such as formatting and spelling and grammar checks.
  • Pitching packages.
  • Any kind of promise of agent or publishing deals. My coaching is focused on personal growth as a writer; not on getting published per sé – though it would be a wonderful outcome!