Spoonie Group Coaching

at the Spoonie Writer Academy

Do you want to write a fantasy or science fiction story? Do you have a story idea you’d like to explore and develop further? Would you like the support of a certified book coach and 2 fellow spoonies as you step into your identity as a writer? Then this 6-month program is for you!

The point of this program is for you to get together with fellow spoonies who love to (start to) write too, to explore your story idea and to develop yourself as a writer.

We delve into your story idea by using the Blueprint for a Book method developed by Jennie Nash and used by Author Accelerator certified coaches (like me!). By doing a series of (writing) exercises you get to explore your story idea and with my personalized feedback you develop a solid foundation for your story.

Simultaneously we work on finding your unique voice and the message you want to convey with your writing. You will develop your writing identity and gain confidence and inspiration for your storytelling!

Outcome for you

Firstly, as spoonies we both know our abilities each month will fluctuate so it’s very well possible than one month you are able to do more writing than the next. Totally okay!

Because from experience I know how much even a little time spent on your story – and thus on yourself! – can mean and how impactful it can be. Your confidence grows, your joy in life grows and let’s be honest, as spoonies that can be hard to come by. It is worth investing in when you find it!

Going on this journey with fellow spoonies will help considerably too. You will realize that you are not alone in dealing with the specific struggles that we face when we (want to) write and you will find support with one another – or so I hope!

Your story is personal to you. It means something to you. Getting to explore it further is a challenging but deeply rewarding experience. Especially as spoonies our voices often go unheard and we go through life and society unseen. With this program I hope to make you feel seen and heard AND help you build a firm foundation for your story so you can start writing it with confidence!

And if by the end you would like more coaching? Awesome! This is definitely possible! Let’s chat when the time comes about your needs and wishes and what I can offer you.


As a fellow spoonie I know your energy is limited. Mine is too! This is why before we start we get together, whether through a video call, email or text or audio messaging, and discuss your circumstances and this program.

You will get a month each time to do a series of Blueprint exercises that help you explore and develop your story idea. There will be a deadline for each month for you to hand in your work, but you do as much as you can in that period. There is no pressure!

After the deadline we have a group chat. It will be a scheduled video call.

This is the first time I am running this program, so I settled on a monthly video chat because from personal experience I know the amazing impact these can have. It doesn’t matter if you can only join through audio, in your pyjamas from your bed or your couch, anything goes.

Places open

Currently: 3 spots


Your one-time investment in your story and in yourself through this program is €449 (VAT included, non-negotiable, exchange rates apply) or 6 monthly payments of €79.


Start: January. We will have a welcome video chat session the first Wednesday of January to meet one another and introduce our journeys to sign up to this program. I’ll tell all about the program and explain the Blueprint exercises.

January – June: we meet up the last Wednesday of each month (time tbd, depending on your time zones!) to discuss your exercises from the past month (which you’ll have sent to me the Monday before so I can best coach you).

In the video chats you get 15 mins of personal coaching from me on your work and story, and you get to hear me and your fellow spoonies talk about their work the remaining time. Trust me when I say: this will be incredibly encouraging and motivating, not to mention a huge help in building your confidence when you see other writers and spoonies deal with the exact same things you are and seeing your own story idea come together and grow!

It’s meant to be an inspirational, comforting and safe environment for you to explore your story idea and to feel part of the writing world!

September: Follow up meeting to discuss how your story idea is progressing since our last meeting and how you are feeling as a writer!

Sign up now to the Spoonie Writer Academy!

Want to sign up to this group coaching program? Email me and tell me a little about yourself and the story idea you would like to work on.

Note: an email to me does not equal an obligation to sign up! We will first have a further chat and then decide if this program is for you.

So, email me and tell me about you and your writing dreams!

I hope to welcome you into the Spoonie Writer Academy soon!