Feedback Packages

Feedback Packages

If you choose a feedback package, you will receive one-time feedback regarding several story elements within a chapter or within a story idea or plot outline you provide – or on one element more in-depth, for example character introductions or development.

If you would like me to provide feedback on a first chapter, I will focus on your plot, character introduction, tone, setting, dialogue (if present) and/or tension building.

If you choose to focus on your plot or story idea, I will provide feedback on plot, character development, setting, tone, themes, structure, conflict and/or dialogue.

Are you further along in your story writing process and would like kind, encouraging but honest feedback on several chapters or even a whole manuscript? I would love to help you make your story even better!

For manuscript feedback I focus on the same elements as with a plot outline, but because there is more material I am able to go more in-depth into your story!

  • Feedback on first chapter package (up to 7000 words): €89
  • Feedback on your story’s plot outline or idea (up to 7000 words) package: €169
  • Combination package: €249

Five+ page feedback on your manuscript regarding story elements:

  • Up to 40,000 words: €349
  • 40,000-80,000 words: €679
  • Over 80,000 words: €849

I will return my (honest!) feedback to you on your chapter or plot/story idea within two weeks of being sent your document. For a longer document I require a month from the moment of receiving your document to create and send my feedback back to you.

Fill in this form and tell me what coaching package speaks to you!

Would you like to receive feedback, but on a different aspect of your story or writing process? Fill in this form with your query and hopefully I can also help!

For more intense and longer coaching packages, click here!

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