Sharing Our Voice Is Scary, Isn’t It? 

Let me tell you how scared I was when I started sharing my voice after years of silence and invisibility – and how amazing it felt doing it anyway! 

Historically I have struggled with showing up for myself. In all honesty, I only have been able to do so since a year or two when I fully embraced a new path and stepped out of my past, as much as I could.  

That step led me to sharing my voice with the world on a regular basis.  

And to my surprise in return, I received lovely messages. 

It is not about the amount of people who follow me. It is about me sharing what I care about and by doing so hopefully helping writers and spoonies like you who struggle to value themselves too, like I did. 

Step out of the shadows

I am here to tell you that if you struggle with sharing your voice or even deciding whether your voice is valuable enough or knowledgeable or interesting enough to be shared: it so is.  

So step out of the shadows.

Whether your are hiding there or watching others have their day in the sun, you deserve to be there too. You deserve to show up for yourself. To support yourself. In your life as a human being and in your life as a writer. 

Because when you show up for yourself, you feel a surge of energy and rightness, as if you finally get the message that your voice is worthy of sharing, no matter what you have to say.

So stand up and share your voice. We all want to hear it.  

The world needs to hear it!

x Sandra

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