Empower Your Spoonie Self!

If teenage me could see me now, she’d be amazed.

Two decades on and I run my own business in which I make a difference to people. I have great friends. Get to experience amazing things. And above all: I life a fulfilling life despite my long list of illnesses and daily symptoms.

How I managed to go from being bed-bound and in the mix of hopelessness and despair to this?

It was not a switch I could flip. It was hard work. Mentally hard work. And it continues to be. Trying to find a sliver of light in the darkest of darks takes effort and a lot of it. It takes a community of people dealing with the same thing on a daily basis who help you see yourself from a different angle.

Finally, I went from seeing myself as a weak, worthless girl to a strong, smart, funny and determined woman.

Fast forward another few years and I now run my own coaching business in which I help women and non-binary people with chronic illness write fiction and empower them to see their worth and value their own voice.

Because we are strong for dealing with debilitating symptoms every single day. Because we became deeply empathetic beings through our own invisible illness and the judgement that brings. Because our unique life experience and our views on life, pain and joy are deeply valuable.

I wish that same transformation I went through for all spoonies.

We are so much than our poor health. We have so much to offer. I hope you (come to) see that too!


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