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Do you belong to a traditionally marginalised group? Do you want to write, but are you unsure if you are able to? Would you love to write speculative fiction, but don’t know exactly what? Do you have an idea, but are you unsure how to go from idea to a book?

I would love to help you write your speculative fiction book. More on what attracts me to that genre and which exact subgenres I coach, click here!

I coach by creating a safe space for writers to talk about your ideas with a focus on personal development and telling the story that is in your heart.

I offer different services to help you write that story. Click here to see if any of them speak to you and do get in touch!

Want to know more about me? Click here to find out about who I am as a book coach and here to read what my (hi)story is.

Curious what book coaching actually is? Click here to find out exactly what book coaches do (it’s a lot!).

Have questions? Check out the FAQ. Is your question not listed? Email me with your question!

Want to know more about what I can offer you? Get in touch! I look forward to hearing from you!

Really! Because your story has a place in the world!

x Sandra

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