Are You A Spoonie or LGBTQIA Voice Who Wants To Write A Fantasy or Sci-Fi Novel?

Build your confidence
Feel heard and seen
Write your book
Make an impact

Do you belong to a traditionally marginalised group? Do you want to write, but are you unsure if you are able to? Would you love to write speculative fiction, but don’t know exactly what? Do you have an idea, but are you unsure how to go from idea to a book? Are you already writing but in need of coaching?

I would love to help you write your speculative fiction book!

The importance of speculative fiction in our ever evolving world is immense. From fantasy to science fiction and every subgenre that it entails, speculative fiction is both escapism from our hard daily lives and at the same time a confrontation with our current society. It makes the genre an exciting and ever-changing entity that I personally love to write and read in for all the above reasons.

Plus, it’s simply awesome to let your imagination run wild and come up with or read about incredible worlds and characters or scarily accurate visions of the future.

But most importantly as Emmanuel Nataf puts it so brilliantly: “Speculative fiction helps readers leave their inherent biases at the door when it comes to social issues. Because these stories often take place in otherworldly settings or societies that don’t resemble our own, authors can subtly encourage readers to consider different perspectives on actual issues.”

It makes speculative fiction a place from which people’s perspectives are challenged and by extension real societal change can happen. It is the perfect genre for marginalized voices to write about their experiences. I know it, because I am one of those voices.

I coach by creating a safe space for you to talk about your ideas with a focus on personal development and telling the story that is in your heart.

Speculative fiction is the perfect genre to write in about your own most inner beliefs. You can be as personal as you want to be through any speculative fiction subgenre.

So do you (wish to) write in any of the following subgenres of speculative fiction and would you like to write your story while being supported by a professional book coach who gives you both writing and emotional support? Then maybe I am the book coach for you!

Types of stories I coach writers for:

  • Alternate history
  • Alternate/parallel universe
  • (Post-)Apocalyptic fiction
  • Contemporary/Modern fantasy
  • Cyberpunk
  • Dark fantasy
  • Dystopian fiction
  • Epic/High fantasy
  • Fairytales
  • Hard science fiction
  • Science fantasy
  • Space opera
  • Steampunk
  • Superhero fiction
  • Sword and sorcery
  • Urban fantasy
  • Utopian fiction

Note: I don’t coach paranormal stories because I’m a scaredy cat!

Book a FREE, no-strings-attached coaching session with me HERE! For more about me and how my own experiences as a marginalized voice impact my coaching click here!

Wondering what a book coach actually does? Check it out here or get in touch if you have a question!

I look forward to hearing from you! You deserve to write and share your story!

x Sandra

Sandra is a talented and attentive mentor who knows how to put writers at their ease, and fosters a safe environment where even the most fragile writing stages are nurtured and encouraged into growth. I had a wonderful time working with her.

Clio Velentza, author of “The Piano Room” (Fairlight Books, 2021)

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